Introduction and Scarves~by Nikki

Hi everyone! I am so excited to announce that Real Fashion by Adriana now has a new segment. I’m Nikki, Adriana’s daughter, and i will be managing the new segment called Teen Trends. Teen Trends is a mini blog that shows all the clothes and trends in style for teens and fashion forward kids. i will be posting once a month . I hope you enjoy and check regularly for the new trends!

Winter is coming to an end so i wanted to do one last snow season trend. Scarves!!! For all of winter, scarves have been extremely popular and an essential accessory to any wardrobe. They immediately spice up a boring outfit while keeping you warm. Plus, they are all kinds of scarves for every person such as knit, infinity, and patterned/print scarfs. You can also wear scarfs in many ways.




 Thank you for visiting my first Teen Trends post. I hope you enjoy and please check regularly. I will bring you many new ideas and next week i will be doing a spring teens trend. Also be sure to follow me on instagram at rawrrritsnikki! Bye!!!

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  1. Natalia dice:

    Congratulations on your blog introduction! I loved the scarves combination, especially the neon color.

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