Another basic look, white pants, beige sweater and booties who know me and budget, found them in Target and are super easy to combine with many looks as they both spring and winter. But what undoubtedly highlights this look is simple hat ASOs I love because I am a lover of hats.

Asos is an English online shop that handles many brands and has the latest fashion trends.

I hope you like the look and is very easy to copy.






















sweater / sueter:Paul James

pants / trousers:Guess

Bootys / Booties: Target




Fur vest outfit



Fur vest or waistcoat with texture is a garment that helps make a difference in a look,especially when we carry classic clothes, in this case combined with a classic leather pants Colombian designer Julia Rodriguez and turtle neck blouse with small washers on the bottom that gives a very feminine touch itself, This kind of detail is being much in blouses and dresses especially on the sleeves.

This look is casual and a little formal therefore can be to go to work or just to hang out with friends.






Shirt / blouse: Forever 21

Vest/chaleco: Escio via TJmax

Pants/trousers: Julia Rodriguez

boots-botines/ Zara

Purse/wallet: Kate Spade


Gray day gray look.


My First publication 2017, It is a very casual look appropriate basic colors for this season, gray and black. This look is the result of the combination of a classic black pants with a sweater simple turtleneck and gray as we continue with very low temperatures use this cardigan with washers that I love because it has very good fall and could not miss my favorite suede boots to the knee and have seen more than once. To end, a fashion hat!! This hat gray, "Floppy hat" looks very fashionable for winter.











081 082 085 084

Pant/trousers: forever 21

swetwe / sweatshirt: H&M

cardigan / cardigan:charlotte russe

Hat/Sombrero: PACS

Boots/boots: Steve Maden

Sunglass/sunglasses: Prada


All Black Outfit


All black outfit o Look completamente negro, It is an easy alternative when you do not find to wear, you also slims the silhouette and when you take it from head to toe makes you look taller.

This time complements the look with this black sobrero that is an accessory that is being used a lot these cold days, also for those who follow me I have realized that I am a lover of hats and use at any time of year.

As that day were discovering San Francisco had to be comfortable, why choose to wear this oversize sweater, boots without heels and give a touch more chic trend that tissue Coach tied to the neck is the perfect blend of chic and stylish.




img_9387 img_9500 img_9487 img_9482img_9487 img_9498

Zara Dress / Zara dress



Today came the fall!! And to celebrate the arrival of this romantic season I bring this dress Zara in the color of the season.

This dress with a retro air, hippie and belled sleeves transports me to years 70 It has been inspiring the latest trends, it is done in a rather vaporous material which gives this perfect fall always look for this type of dress for otherwise add much volume that is my least favored by my petite and curvy figure.

On this occasion combine these sandals with ankle bronze tone for a more formal look as well this dress Zara It lends itself to a more casual look when paired with flat sandals or booties, well I hope you like it, inspire and share the, Thank You.
img_0698 img_0694


img_0681 img_0678 img_0677 img_0655 img_0651 img_0636
















Beauty & Wellness Connections 2016



























Last Friday 9 of September, I had the pleasure of attending Beauty & Wellness Conecctions 2016 specifically was the relaunch of BLLV, Body Lounge & Moder Male Las Vegas, where they presented the extensive list of services and products for men and women, among them:

_ Treatment for cellulite and sagging: They offer the new Carboxiterapia (CO2) and Mesotherapy.

Beauty _Tratamientos as: Botox-Dermal Fillers

Vampire Facelift


Dermaplaning y Derma-Pen

-Treatments for Hair Loss.

-Treatment for weight loss and more.


























To know more of their services visit their website

In addition to the presentation of the products I had the pleasure to enjoy delicious snacks, music and cocktails in the company of its owner and founder Robert Webb.


























They are located in 1321 S.Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 and telephone to make appointments is 702 463 9159.

T.J. Maxx Green Vest



In the look of today I want to highlight this versatile green vest T.J. Maxx, (Green Vest) really I confess that I have not stopped using in recent weeks, because as I said is very versatile you can use it in many ways as in this case it's a pretty casual and comfortable look that leads to visit the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Florida.

It is ideal for these days of changing seasons where the weather is very variable but also you can combine with pants and a shirt and you will achieve a more chic look, This Green Vest you can find at T.J. Maxx at a great price. I combine with shorts and tennis because I was a tourist and I needed was comfort.


The photos were taken outside the Perez Museum in downtown Miami, It is a contemporary art museum that really worth visiting.

I hope you like them this publication and feel free to share it with friends, Thank you.




img_8840img_8863 img_8858


My beauty routine with Vidaña BEAUTY

I will share with you my beauty routine with products Vidaña Beauty.



















Vidaña Beauty is a family company based in Las Vegas that has developed this magnificent beauty line anti-aging
Its products have been developed,designed,produced and bottled by the family Vidaña 30 years of experience in the field of beauty, using high-quality ingredients.


Line anti-aging products consists of the 5 essential products for complete skin care.

1. Facial Cleanser
2. Anti-aging Eye Serum
3. Anti-aging Eye Cream
4. Anti-aging Day Cream
5. Anti-aging Night Cream


















These 5 products are those that have been using daily care of my skin during 4 recent weeks and have really noticed the difference, my lines are fainter, my skin looks more radiant,smoother and more eslaticidad also liked the texture of creams because they are lightweight and fast absorbing.


Moisturizer for daily use, hydrates the skin so deeply that facilitates makeup application and makes your skin look more radiant.

As I mention in any publication beauty above, skin care is performed in three steps.

  1. Cleaning
  2. hidratación
  3. Nutrition.

And with their skin care Vidaña 5 products enables us to fulfill our beauty routine.

every night I clean my skin with the Facial Cleanser that leaves my skin free of impurities and helps me remove the makeup, being ready to nourish it with the cream Anti-Aging Night Cream, and then in the morning again use the Cleaner to remove excess fat and prepare my skin for moisturizer with Anti-Aging Day Cream, but without forgetting the most delicate area of ​​my face are the eyes, in this area I apply a Gothic of Eye Serum to outline my eyes and then use the Anti-Aging Eye Cream.


This is my beauty routine with Beauty Vidaña. The I invite you to test their products and tell me their experience.

Beauty Vidaña also has a line for hair care, these products can be found online at their

Wynwood Art Distric.



When you visit Miami you can not miss the Wynwood district, It is an area that has been taking very strong in recent years as a result of the recovery of the area.

Wynwood is a neighborhood of Miami, Florida where you will find some 70 art galleries ,several museums, restaurants and bars.

This located in North Miami ave. between the street N.E. 29th St. And N.E.20th St.

It is currently one of the spaces of the world's largest outdoor art. Wynwood Wall is located in this neighborhood, the epicenter of the street art covering walls and doors. Works by artists of international renown such as Shepord Fairey, known for their labels of “Obey” and their red posters.

This place is open throughout the year and there is always a new expoposicion or a creative element.

Here was done the fair annual of art world Art Basel in the month of December.

In Wynwood Wall you farm you photographing magnificent graffiti and visiting beautiful stores where original items and jewelry.








Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.



When you visit Las Vegas and want to know more, Apart from the famous casinos, only 42 miles southeast of Las Vegas on the US93 road you'll find this magnificent piece of engineering which was inaugurated in the 2010 coinciding with the anniversary 75 Hoover Dam.

This arched bridge was built on the Colorado River a few feet of the famous Hoover Dam, connecting the States of Nevada and Arizona.


This great work, It is the first bridge of concrete and steel built in United States, and the concrete arch bridge more high of the world.



From the bridge you can see dam Hoover who is another impressive never-before-built structure concrete.

Hoover Dam view from the bridge.

Hoover Dam seen from the bridge.


Mike O’Callaghan- Pat Tillman is the name given to the bridge in honor of the memory of Mike O'Callaghan who was Governor of Nevada in 1971-1979 and Pat Tillman, Player of American football that left his career in the Arizona Cardinals for at list in the United States Army and died on a mission in Afghanistan.