D.I.Y. Popcorn Costume / Corn Popcorn Costume

Today I bring you a wonderful idea of how to make a costume made easy,fast and economical. Also very creative.

1.First look for a rectangular cardboard box, which can be painted or covered with white card. I particularly sheathe it because I thought it was more fast











2.Then dial a circle on top of the box,(where it exits the head) and a square or rectangle on each side of the same,(where they will leave the arms.

3.Now there are red lines that mark a width of approximately 5cm. These can paint or just buy red tape 5cm. wide and placed in the box.

4. This operation is repeated by the four sides of the box.

5.The next step is to search online the label design which we will print a proportional size to the box, and paste into front part.

6. The sixth step is to get paper, cellophane or silk, may be yellow or white that depends on the kind of popcorn you want to recreate, Yellow Paper is, If popcorn is buttered or white paper if popcorn is natural flavor.

7. We started to wrinkle one sheet of paper and let sticking on top of the box

8. And so we finished.

9.Emily wears a blond wig as the color of your hair is dark and not much contrast, It could also lead in the head a few crumpled sheets of paper lines. I suggest that the child seen with white or red clothing.

Now ready to enjoy a happy Halloween.

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  1. mother says:

    that wonder of disguise, i love it!

    if you want to win some glasses DIOR I wait in

  2. of says:

    that is the BEST diy costume ever. im dead hahaha


  3. Natalia says:

    Brilliant !

  4. Excellent post. I will be facing some of these issues as well..

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