Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2015

DSC06321 DSC06450 The greatest show on earth is the carnival of Rio de Janeiro this year joins the celebration of the city that meets 450 years old.
The show began on Sunday 15 February 2015 to 9:30 p.m. and ended at 6:30 am. Where they paraded the 6 first samba schools: 1 .Viradouro 2. Hose 3. Youth 4. Vila Isabel 5. Willow 6. Great River DSC06317 But the dispute continued winning first place on Monday 16 February where the remaining marched 6 samba: 7.Sao Clemebte 8. Portela 9. Hummingbird 10. Union Island 11. Empress 12. Tijuca DSC06205 DSC06271 Each school must meet nine requirements which are qualified by 36 jurors, each requirement gives 10 points. DSC06515 The requirements are:
PLOT. Each school must have a main theme or issue that should develop along the avenue in a minimum of one hour and twenty minutes.
Allegories. Are the cars or carriages that help tell the details of the issue and should have minimum 5 the maximum 7 allegorical floats. DSC06278 BATTERY. Musicians must walk all toned parade without missing a beat.
FRONT OF COMMISSION. It is the group of people making presentation theme samba school, can be a float or a choreography. DSC06340 EVOLUTION. The jury rates the spontaneity of the participants and punishes the score when intervals are very large people or when participants are very fast.
FANTASIES. O costumes, between most beautiful and creative best but can not hinder or impede mobility to sing during the parade. They should be self explanatory always relative to the main topic. DSC06357DSC06363 HARMONY. Harmony between music and dance is scored. If any sector of the samba school was singing the wrong way or out of rhythm certainly not going to win 10 points.
MASTER-ROOM AND DOOR -BANDEIRA. It is the partner in charge of carrying the flag representative of each school they should go dancing gracefully to the rhythm of the samba. It is a great responsibility only for two people, but this is. DSC06443 DSC06155 DSC06372DSC06459 SAMBA-PLOT. It is the song they're singing thousands of people, should have a nice melody and lyrics that have reference to the theme.
This show takes place in Rio de Janeiro sambodromo called the Marquis de Sapucai that accommodates 70.000 people. DSC06462DSC06469DSC06477 Each school is composed of 45 a 35 different groups of people, each group is wearing allegorical fantasies also the main theme are dancing along the sambodromo to the rhythm of samba performed by the battery that consists of an average of 100 musicians. DSC06393 DSC06326 DSC06267 DSC06218 DSC06224 DSC06413 I can only tell you that it is the largest and most wonderful show the world and will always be welcome. DSC06530 DSC06543

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