Wynwood Art Distric.



When you visit Miami you can not miss the Wynwood district, It is an area that has been taking very strong in recent years as a result of the recovery of the area.

Wynwood is a neighborhood of Miami, Florida where you will find some 70 art galleries ,several museums, restaurants and bars.

This located in North Miami ave. between the street N.E. 29th St. And N.E.20th St.

It is currently one of the spaces of the world's largest outdoor art. Wynwood Wall is located in this neighborhood, the epicenter of the street art covering walls and doors. Works by artists of international renown such as Shepord Fairey, known for their labels of “Obey” and their red posters.

This place is open throughout the year and there is always a new expoposicion or a creative element.

Here was done the fair annual of art world Art Basel in the month of December.

In Wynwood Wall you farm you photographing magnificent graffiti and visiting beautiful stores where original items and jewelry.








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