My beauty routine with Vidaña BEAUTY

I will share with you my beauty routine with products Vidaña Beauty.



















Vidaña Beauty is a family company based in Las Vegas that has developed this magnificent beauty line anti-aging
Its products have been developed,designed,produced and bottled by the family Vidaña 30 years of experience in the field of beauty, using high-quality ingredients.


Line anti-aging products consists of the 5 essential products for complete skin care.

1. Facial Cleanser
2. Anti-aging Eye Serum
3. Anti-aging Eye Cream
4. Anti-aging Day Cream
5. Anti-aging Night Cream


















These 5 products are those that have been using daily care of my skin during 4 recent weeks and have really noticed the difference, my lines are fainter, my skin looks more radiant,smoother and more eslaticidad also liked the texture of creams because they are lightweight and fast absorbing.


Moisturizer for daily use, hydrates the skin so deeply that facilitates makeup application and makes your skin look more radiant.

As I mention in any publication beauty above, skin care is performed in three steps.

  1. Cleaning
  2. hidratación
  3. Nutrition.

And with their skin care Vidaña 5 products enables us to fulfill our beauty routine.

every night I clean my skin with the Facial Cleanser that leaves my skin free of impurities and helps me remove the makeup, being ready to nourish it with the cream Anti-Aging Night Cream, and then in the morning again use the Cleaner to remove excess fat and prepare my skin for moisturizer with Anti-Aging Day Cream, but without forgetting the most delicate area of ​​my face are the eyes, in this area I apply a Gothic of Eye Serum to outline my eyes and then use the Anti-Aging Eye Cream.


This is my beauty routine with Beauty Vidaña. The I invite you to test their products and tell me their experience.

Beauty Vidaña also has a line for hair care, these products can be found online at their

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