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Tendencias Otoño-invierno 2015


Fringed tendency which is an influence Hippies or the Boho style is what is in fashion this season. Now after that became the New York Fashion week, London Fashion week and Milan Fashion week. This was the most watched both on catwalks with street style.

But the fringe come not only in clothing also gonna see in accessories such as wallets, backpacks and shoes.

Then dare, hands to work and salt to find your garment with fringes. And remember that you can achieve a formal or casual look according to the elements which combine.

Already you'll find these items in Forever 21, H&M, Express, Macy's and Nordstrom.















Army Jacket ~ Nikki



Todays post is dedicated to the people in parts of the world where it is much colder. One of the common trends, the military jacket, is featured in this outfit. The military jacket I have is one of my favorites I have seen because of the stamps and badges stitched on. I love the look because its tomboy but the skirt adds a bit of girly with the floral pattern and I just wore a plain dark purple crop top. I have worn this outfit on repeat for those chilly days because it is so adorable and keeps me nice and warm with the knit scarf. Did I also mention it is so comfortable? This outfit is perfect when you will be out in the cold running errands but still want to look cute.


Skater Skirts ~ Nikki

ITS OFFICIALLY SPRING! I am so excited and to start off the season I prepared one of my favorite trends. Skater Skirts! These have been my favorite for all of winter and are perfect for this season. They are so girly and fun, plus they come in many bright colors and patterns.


For these two outfits, I used the same colored shirt but in a different style. One of the outfits is more dressed up with a leather skater skirt and beading around the blue shirt. The other outfit is more casual and Im just using a floral skater skirt with a sheer chiffon shirt tied at the ends. This is a great example of how you can dress up and down these lovely skirts. They are so versatile and can be used in many ways.

Introduction and Scarves ~ by Nikki

Hi everyone! I am so excited to announce that Real Fashion by Adriana now has a new segment. I am Nikki, Adriana's daughter, and i will be managing the new segment called Teen Trends. Teen Trends is a mini blog that shows all the clothes and trends in style for teens and fashion forward kids. I will be posting once a month . I hope you enjoy and check regularly for the new trends!

Winter is coming to an end so i wanted to do one last snow season trend. Scarves!!! For all of winter, scarves have been extremely popular and an essential accessory to any wardrobe. They immediately spice up a boring outfit while keeping you warm. Plus, they are all kinds of scarves for every person such as knit, infinity, and patterned/print scarf. You can also wear scarves in many ways.




Thank you for visiting my first Teen Trends post. I hope you enjoy and please check regularly. I will bring you many new ideas and next week i will be doing a spring teens trend. Also be sure to follow me on instagram at rawrrritsnikki! Bye!!!