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All Black Outfit


All black outfit o Look completamente negro, It is an easy alternative when you do not find to wear, you also slims the silhouette and when you take it from head to toe makes you look taller.

This time complements the look with this black sobrero that is an accessory that is being used a lot these cold days, also for those who follow me I have realized that I am a lover of hats and use at any time of year.

As that day were discovering San Francisco had to be comfortable, why choose to wear this oversize sweater, boots without heels and give a touch more chic trend that tissue Coach tied to the neck is the perfect blend of chic and stylish.




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T.J. Maxx Green Vest



In the look of today I want to highlight this versatile green vest T.J. Maxx, (Green Vest) really I confess that I have not stopped using in recent weeks, because as I said is very versatile you can use it in many ways as in this case it's a pretty casual and comfortable look that leads to visit the Pérez Art Museum Miami, Florida.

It is ideal for these days of changing seasons where the weather is very variable but also you can combine with pants and a shirt and you will achieve a more chic look, This Green Vest you can find at T.J. Maxx at a great price. I combine with shorts and tennis because I was a tourist and I needed was comfort.


The photos were taken outside the Perez Museum in downtown Miami, It is a contemporary art museum that really worth visiting.

I hope you like them this publication and feel free to share it with friends, Thank you.




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Wynwood Art Distric.



When you visit Miami you can not miss the Wynwood district, It is an area that has been taking very strong in recent years as a result of the recovery of the area.

Wynwood is a neighborhood of Miami, Florida where you will find some 70 art galleries ,several museums, restaurants and bars.

This located in North Miami ave. between the street N.E. 29th St. And N.E.20th St.

It is currently one of the spaces of the world's largest outdoor art. Wynwood Wall is located in this neighborhood, the epicenter of the street art covering walls and doors. Works by artists of international renown such as Shepord Fairey, known for their labels of “Obey” and their red posters.

This place is open throughout the year and there is always a new expoposicion or a creative element.

Here was done the fair annual of art world Art Basel in the month of December.

In Wynwood Wall you farm you photographing magnificent graffiti and visiting beautiful stores where original items and jewelry.








Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.



When you visit Las Vegas and want to know more, Apart from the famous casinos, only 42 miles southeast of Las Vegas on the US93 road you'll find this magnificent piece of engineering which was inaugurated in the 2010 coinciding with the anniversary 75 Hoover Dam.

This arched bridge was built on the Colorado River a few feet of the famous Hoover Dam, connecting the States of Nevada and Arizona.


This great work, It is the first bridge of concrete and steel built in United States, and the concrete arch bridge more high of the world.



From the bridge you can see dam Hoover who is another impressive never-before-built structure concrete.

Hoover Dam view from the bridge.

Hoover Dam seen from the bridge.


Mike O’Callaghan- Pat Tillman is the name given to the bridge in honor of the memory of Mike O'Callaghan who was Governor of Nevada in 1971-1979 and Pat Tillman, Player of American football that left his career in the Arizona Cardinals for at list in the United States Army and died on a mission in Afghanistan.






Laughlin River Run and Oatman.


In recent days was the biggest event of the Oester coast motorcycles, Laughlin River Run 2016 Edition 35, which we attend with a group of friends.


Laughlim is a small town where the borders of the States of Nevada meet, California and Arizona, that in recent decades it has become a place for tourism thanks to the different events, aquatic recreation and the rise of casinos.



On this trip we would like to take part of the historic route 66 and we are transported to the past while we walked the hills of Kingman to Oatman Arizona very few miles from Laughlin.


Oatman is described as a ghost town came to host 10,000 people during the gold rush, but only now has with 100 inhabitants. One of its attractions are the wild donkeys that ambulan main street, where also is the Oatman Hotel built in 1902 and where Clark Gable the legendary film actor, What the wind, honeymoon with a step of their 3 wives.

Another attraction of this town in the old West is the show of the gunmen who were accustomed to duels to defend his honor, It had to be the most rapid. This show is presented twice daily on the main street of Oatman.

It is definitely a recommended destination if it is close to the West coast of the country.








El “Escape” de Norwegian


He has already heard of the exhaust? Well it's the last ship of Norwegian cruise line. Is on the list of the 5 larger boats of the world that takes you through the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

I tell them that we have chosen this wonderful boat to enjoy the exciting family adventure offering there, as the Rope Course, the huge water park and many other activities. Special for kids. More appropriate to celebrate the 15 years of my Princess Nikky.


Also the ship has with 28 restaurants for everyone's taste, 21 bars, different night entertainments every night, as the musical Tony Award winner “After Midnight”.


Here we will spend the week of Spring Break. Then don't miss out on my upcoming publications where I will bring them all the details and corners of this huge ship, The fabulous Norwegian exhaust .IOQX8310[1]


Travel Around the World 2015 (PART 1)

Today I bring you a count of the incredible places that I had the blessing of meeting in the 2015, I had the fortune to visit 5 continents, 9 Countries, 14 cities. Here I leave a photo gallery and don't miss the part 2.

Australia: (Oceania)

Sydney:The Opera House. (Opera House)

Sydney: Harbour Bridge

Cairns- Port Douglas: The great barrier reef.


Rio de Janeiro: The Christ Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro: Carnival in Rio


Beijing:Forbidden City (Forbidden City)

Beijing: Palace in the sky

Beijing:The great wall of China

Xian: Terracotta warriors



Berlin: Berlin wall














Condor Airlines non-Stop Las Vegas – Frankfurt





En días pasados tuve la oportunidad de viajar en Condor Airlines, una de las compañías mas populares y económicas de Alemania que ahora esta en Las Vegas y tiene un vuelo non-stop a Frankfur con una duración de 11horas.


Es una maravilla salir de casa y en un solo vuelo ya estar en Europa, only British Airways have a non-stop to London from Las Vegas but with rates much more high.

The start time was to the 4:35 pm, felt me very good because you don't have that dawn and the arrival was to the 12:45 noon which was not wrong, because you can seize the day in Frankfurt, or reach to take a connection to any destination.


Las Vegas outlet was through the international terminal 3 in the Mc Carran airport, This terminal is very fast because it is not very stuffy, can be automatically check-in and baggage delivery is made at the counter. Condor Airline allows you to carry a suitcase of hand of not more than 6 Kg. without any charge and another in charge of a maximum of 20Kg. also without cost, This for economy class.IMG_4743

Already on Board was good,They provide entertainment but unfortunately for economy class you have to pay $5 dollars for headphones and just of 2 a 3 movies to choose and if you want more alternatives also has a cost, something that usually on international flights is free. Then I recommend to bring your own headphones so they can enjoy the music and programming.

They give you food and drinks on board,but alcoholic beverages are additional as well as snacks.

What you offer free of charge is a light dinner and breakfast that is served before reaching the destination.



Condor Airline, It is based on the city of Frankfurt, and offers routes to the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, North and South America and the Caribbean. As an interesting destination have a non-stop Punta Cana Frankfurt.

And it also unites Brazil, Colombia with Germany at very affordable prices.

For my next adventure to Egypt I am considered travel again with Condor Airline.






kimono in Berlin


The look of today is quite casual and comfortable, It was that use in recent days to take a stroll through Berlin. The protagonist of the look is this colorful Kimono that combines with a basic Green Marine shirt and my boyfriends short that I have not stopped using this summer because they are very versatile.

And something that I usually just use are tennis but they were definitely needed this time,thus giving a sporty look, for those days when these tourist.




Sheikh Zayed mosque – ADU Dhabi


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest of the United Arab Emirates (EAU) and the third largest in the world. It is located in Abu Dhabi, EAU and its name honors the first President, Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahayan.

This mosque is also characterized by its beauty and luxury interior as the main room carpet measures 5.627 square meters, PESA 47 tons and was crafted by approx.. 1.200 women and has a value of 545 millions of dollars. And it is the largest in the world.

In addition we used thousands of rare and semi-precious stones for decoration of the mosque, embedded in the marble as lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Red Onyx, aventurine, mother of Pearl and abalone shell. Is a spectacular building by its size, shapes and decoration, You can not miss visiting it if they in Abu Dhabi, or Dubai which is only hour and a half by car.

For your visit is of obligation the burca dress, but don't worry that at the entrance which is free also lend it you with a deposit of 30 $, the mosque is open to the public every day of 9:00 a.m.. TO 10:00 p.m. with the exception of Friday which opens to the 4:00 p.m. Also at the time of the sentence must be removed.


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